Our purpose

Startup founders and digital entrepreneurs don't have the time or patience to keep track of all new national or international laws and regulations. At the same time policy makers have limited understanding of how new regulations affect young technology companies, a huge source of innovation and tax income for society. We believe that we can improve the dialogue between those parties to make young technology companies reach their full potential and help bring society forward.


Startup Hub SUP46 was founded in 2013 to gather the startup community.

We've been cultivating the startup ecosystem of investors, advisors, mentors, partners and talent for 10 years and served hundreds of startups with thousands of employees. We often talk to founders that are frustrated about regulation and bureaucracy but does not get the chance to share their opinion nor get attention from politicians.

Who we are

Let us know how you and your company is affected by policy and regulations!


Partnersand sponsors

We're thankful to our partners and supporters for helping us empower startups and improve the ecosystem.